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On a beautiful summer day, the filmmakers go to a well known park to watch the birds and take a stroll. They come upon a lake usually teaming with water fowl, only to find it totally empty. Their reaction is one of disbelief, sadness and fear. The silence speaks volumes, but what was it saying? The incident is what begins this movie.

But that isn't the worst...the same thing happens days later in Prospect Park, Brooklyn... there are no Canada geese in the lake. As a matter of fact there are no water birds at all on that July day.  Unless you experience the disappearance of something so familiar, it's hard to explain the psychological effects suffered by people.

The Park officials deny knowing where the birds are. They lie, giving a variety of reasons including that "the geese are hiding." Finally evidence surfaces of an unprecedented slaughter and all hell breaks loose. The geese have been gathered up and gassed to death while they are molting, along with their babies.

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Demonstrations flourish with feisty politicians anxious for the animal rights lobbyists to support them while admonishing Mayor Bloomberg on the steps of City Hall. There are demonstrations and vigils at Prospect Park lake and the formation of even more animal rights groups who work to get information on the why’s, what’s and how’s of what is going on.  The verdict is in: there is a contract out on the Canada geese.  The reason is made to seem as infallible as a Papal decree: there was a near fatal and well publicized plane crash on the Hudson caused by flying Canada geese.  Later it is admitted that the geese who hit the plane (or the plane hit the geese), were actually migratory geese and not our unfortunate victims who were somewhat placid and habitual Park resident geese, used to being fed by their human friends and hardly expecting that they would be chased to exhaustion along with their babies, gathered and gassed. 

 If the danger card isn’t enough to change public opinion other reasons are: their feces is intolerable; they are aggressive; they honk…,  until finally it is evident that the Canada geese are facing some kind of a Gotham Inquisition with paid, qualified experts, spewing abundant logic without any scientific evidence or protocol.  Like the human genocide campaigns of the past, the victims are vilified to the well meaning but desensitized masses.  The spin is created, backed by political clout, to validate the mass killing of migratory and resident Canada geese (and it appears that any other goose or large water bird that happens to be in the area are not safe either), birds that are protected under the Migratory Bird Act.

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