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Mary Lou Simms - RIP
Dr. Yossi Leshem - Orthnologist © L'ORAGE Ltd.
Geese in Pen © Jim Pfeil
© Betty Butler - Activist and founder of LOVE CANADA GEESE © aka MARIELLE
© Rob Robinson - Picture the Homeless © aka MARIELLE © aka MARIELLE
2009 Resident Geese © aka MARIELLE
Geese at Wildlife Reserve © aka MARIELLE
© Resident Geese of National Refuge
Geese on Lake © Jim Pfeil
Mother Guards Goslings © Jim Pfeil
Molting and Helpless © Jim Pfeil
USDA Herd Canada Geese © Jim Pfeil
Agent Grabbing Geese © Jim Pfeil
Canada Geese In Crates © Jim Pfeil
Young Geese to be Gassed © Jim Pfeil
Canada Geese in Crates © Jim Pfeil
No Mercy © Jim Pfeil
Damaged Wing © Jim Pfeil
Babies look for Parents © Jim Pfeil
Children Watching © Jim Pfeil
City Hall, NYC © aka MARIELLE
Demonstration at Mayors Mansion © aka MARIELLE
Trapped Awaiting Gassing © Jim Pfeil
Theresa  Galvin © aka MARIELLE
Demonstration at City  © aka MARIELLE
Edita Birnkrant - Friend © aka MARIELLE
Dr. Holly Cheever © aka MARIELLE
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