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Double click on photo you want to see.

Dr. Yossi Leshem - Orthnologist
Geese in Pen
Betty Butler
Rob Robinson - Picture the Homeless
2009 Resident Geese
Geese at Wildlife Reserve
Resident Geese of National Refuge
Geese on Lake (c) Jim Pfeil
Mother Guards Babies
Molting and Helpless
USDA Herd Canada Geese
Agent Grabbing Geese
Canada Geese In Crates
Young Geese Headed for Slaughter
Canada Geese in Crates
No Mercy
Damaged Wing of Captured Goose
Babies look for Parents
Children Watching
City Hall, NYC
Demonstration at Mayors Mansion
Canada Geese Trapped
Theresa Galvin
Demonstration at City Hall
Edita Birnkrant - Friends of Animals
Dr. Holly Cheever
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