Tyler A. Chase - Director/Producer/DP/Editor and FAA Certified Part 107  sUAS Commercial Drone Pilot is an auteur/filmmaker who founded L’ORAGE while attending New York University film program.


In the first year at NYU created Urban Inquisition, a short, narrative, 16mm film shot on location in New York’s West Village about a violent gay bashing. Tyler followed up with a short satirical narrative film called Fowl Play, starring Jack Mulcahy (The Brothers McMullen). Both films screened at: the Tribecca Screening Room, the Cantor Screening Room, New York International Independent Film Festival, Occularis Open Eye and The Pioneer Theater. Tyler was Associate Producer of award winning documentary films by Joanne Cheng: Mama's Gold and China Gold Rush (aired as PBS specials).


Tyler completed the feature documentary, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur with Golden Globe award winner, Brian Cox as Narrator and looks forward to completing the unique, Blues for 475 Kent (in Post Production seeking distribution). In 2018 Tyler completed the short, award winning documentary, Sweet Soul in Exile about the eviction of renowned sculptor, Deborah Masters and the plight of artists who are displaced and ostracized. In 2013, Tyler directed/produced/filmed and edited the short award winning psychological thriller, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti). Prior to that footage of Tyler's investigative work on preemptive forced eviction was screened as testimony  for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights Violations at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, where Tyler spoke on a panel.  Tyler is anxious to complete filming and move onto the narrative portion and post production for the documentary,Let Them Eat Geese about the little known and ongoing national mass slaughters of Canada Geese and other migratory birds.  

The documentary, Touched by Duse with Ellen Burstyn, Paul Sorvino, and many other notable people is nearing completion. Footage of it screened as a work in progress at the Dante Alighieri Society in Cambridge, the National Arts Club, NYU University and the William Esper Studios, etc. and The Players Club.  Presently Tyler is raising money to film in Italy to complete the movie.   . For more information visit

Memberships include:  The National Arts Club, New York Women in Film and Television AEA, SAG/AFTRA, and Fractured Atlas

Lisette Cevallos - Producer

Lisette Cevallos (Producer, V.P. of L’ORAGE), graduated from the NYU Film Program where she learned many aspects of production and has supported the creation of the work of L'ORAGE from the onset. She is a producer, administrator, writer and budget/accounting person and is often a crew member in all levels of the films produced at L’ORAGE Productions. She is an award winning visual artist and union actress with deep roots in theater. Lisette is a producer of a recent award winning short documentary, Sweet Soul in Exile, the award winning narrative short film, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti) and the completed feature documentary A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur with Golden Globe Award winner Brian Cox as Narrator (presently in the film festival circuit). She is also involved in all stages of Let Them Eat Geese, Blues for 475, and the much anticipated, Touched by Duse. She participated on a panel at the National Arts Club that included Paul Sorvino, Mario Fratti, William Esper, Helen Sheehy and Tyler A. Chase where there was a special event and screening of a rough assembly of Touched by Duse. She also participated on the panel at the screening of work in progress of Touched by Duse at the Players Club with Susan Batson, Angelica Page, Tyler A Chase

Elizabeth Page Walker


Elizabeth Page Walker (Assistant Graphics (Poster))

Based in Atlanta, “Page” as friends call her, is an avid filmmaker, artist, and photographer. She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism (Film Production) from the University of Georgia. Page was able to make numerous student films while in college. She has also been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to complete a Production Assistant Intern in Shanghai, China with a film company.

Page originally met Tyler A. Chase at the Cannes Film Festival in line to view a screening. Since then, Tyler and Page have been in touch to work on several projects. She is looking forward to what the future holds for L’ORAGE Productions and is so excited to be putting her talents to good use with this movie.


Tyler A. Chase - Auteur